How to respond in challenging time?

Dated: April 9 2020

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Home Sellers & Buyers rely on us. With safety being the highest priority, the show must go on. In order to do so, we must innovate. 

Here's how: 

For our sellers our continued use of professional photography is now even more important. In cooperation of with our partners, we have the capability for more images than ever before. Virtual tours can showcase properties in amazing ways, making couch surfing in pajamas even better. 

Need more? We can do that. Using various tools, we can video while buyers are located remotely yet connected and able to ask questions and provide feedback in real time. And it can be recorded and shareable for later use. 

Want an open house? Absolutely. Virtual open houses can be done in real time  and saved for reuse. Via social media, possibly instead of 10's of attendee's our reach can expand to hundreds or more. And we can save sellers time in the process since we don't have to block a large window of it to generate activity. What may have kept you away for hours previously, may now be done in minutes. 

Since 'a picture is worth a thousand words' that value is a given. In support, here again with our partners, we've been able to expand the number of characters available for use in our written narrative descriptions. 

When we have the right buyer and seller match, electronic production and distribution of contract paperwork is next. Even those more technologically challenged find this service quite user friendly.

In person inspections by licensed inspectors is still a 'hands on' task, but those professional inspectors are also creating methods for greater safety. Often buyers may not attend, or only stop by for a summary not spending the entire allotted time on site. Higher volumes of photos help those who view reports understand the comments and context more fully, and phone or email follow up is encouraged.

Appraisers may not even be required to enter the property, depending on the circumstance.

How about the closing process? Cash transactions may be conducted electronically. For non-cash business, mobile notary's or in person closings are conducted with safety in mind including appropriate distances, sanitization, and the fewest people required.

Your safety is the top priority, but we understand your move is also important. 

We're ready. We're innovating, flexible, responsive, and getting business done!

Reach out for more information. We're happy to discuss.

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How to respond in challenging time?

Home Sellers & Buyers rely on us. With safety being the highest priority, the show must go on. In order to do so, we must innovate. Here's how: For our sellers our continued use of

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